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Welcome to ‘The Rigs’

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Welcome to ‘The Rigs’, a blog about the amp,guitar and pedal board configurations of players from all different musical genres.  On each of blog entry we will sit down with an artist and talk about their guitars, pedal boards, and amp configurations they use at each of their shows along with the wiring of the whole rig.  We will also touch on the growth of their sound and what guitar sounds the artist is into right now.  In addition, we will also sit down with the artist’s guitar tech and talk over physical construction, maintenance and all the odds and ends in dealing with guitar configurations on a day to day basis.   If you have an artist that you would like us to interview just click on the email link below.  Feel free to send us a link to the artist’s website and/ or myspace page.   Feel free to check in and check out new entries over soon.

Quarter inch open

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