Interview with Donavon Frankenreiter

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Donavon Frankenreiter Pedal Board

Donavon Frankenreiter Pedal Board

The Rigs: What guitarists’ sound influences you the most, both past and present, both acoustic and electric?  Feel free to name numerous players.

Donavon Frankenreiter:  I guess overall it would be Dylan, Hendrix, Clapton, Jimmy Page, Mark Ford, he was in the Black Crowes, Dan Auerback from the Black Keys, Craig Ross who is Lenny Kravitz Guitar player, Warren Haynes….

The Rigs: What musicians’ setups (guitar, pedals and amp setup) would you like to know about?

DF:  If I could go back in time and go to Jimi Hendrix sound check and play thru his stuff that would be ideal.  To see what volumes he played at and get the vibe of his sound

TR:  Two part Question: What is the direct of your sound as a band at present where does your sounds as a guitarist fit into that.

DF: Well I’m a Hendrix fanatic, I have a Custom Fender ’68 remake. I had it made custom by fender.  It’s a left- handed guitar strung righty.

TR:  So you have the low E on top?

DF:  yea, it’s a mirror image of what Hendrix played at Woodstock…and with the band I use a Fender Super Sonic.

For shows…I mainly go with the electric… I don’t pick up the acoustic sometimes (during shows)…I have a 62 Martin Triple L…sometimes I don’t use the acoustic that much it all, it depends.

I don’t have too much in my wedges except vocals and acoustic so I like to keep simple.

Those two guitars are my workhorse guitars.  I never change my strings unless they break.

I have a bunch of guitars at home and in my restaurant in Laguna from the 1940’s to the 2000’s

As far as pedals I have an old Ibanez tube screamer and if I want to push it up to another level I can hit the Animal on….I really only use the wah for beginning and ends of songs or just bits and pieces

TR:   I noticed you have one output from your acoustic that goes to two lines, does that combined the bridge pickup and the LR Baggs pickup you have in the sound whole? Is it a Fishman in the bridge pick up?

DF: Yea, Fishman in the bridge. Yea, it’s a stereo out so the John my front of house can get the vibe and true tone of the acoustic.

TR: Where do you see your sound going in the future as a guitarist or do you not think about that and just let it happen on it own

DF:    Well In a perfect world, if I were better with my guitar volume, I would just use a guitar, plugged strait into an amp.  I think that’s what Derek trucks does that and he is in so good controlling his volumes.  I like to just keep it simple with a guitar going strait into an amp with a great tone.

But, ya know, I don’t write with the electric.  Acoustics is how I write songs so….

TR: What is the lineage of your guitar sound? In other words, when you started playing guitar, who did your sound most resemble and how did that sound evolve to your guitar setup today?

DF:  I really liked Clapton’s and (Mike Cambell’s) sound.  I don’t know, maybe I could be wrong but it always seemed like they didn’t have a lot of pedals just a great sound.

I like a warm great tone, a good guitar with a true tone

I never used to have a pedal board before, my tour Manager (John Hagler) said man we got to get you a pedal board.  I just used to throw whatever pedals I had up there and, you know, go for it. …. I just used to buy 9 volts like crazy

TR:   Have you gotten any custom work done on your guitars besides the fender 68 you had built?

DF:  No, not really…John does a lot of my custom work on the road.  I really just buy guitars on the road.

When I lived in Laguna I used to go to The Guitar Shoppe as a kid

Photo by SUTHERLAND604

Donavon with the '68 Strat. Photo by SUTHERLAND604

Donavon's Stage Set up

Donavon's Stage Set up (Guitar in picture not part of his rig)

Pedal board Photo

Pedal board Photo

Super Sonic Amp

Fender Super Sonic Amp


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